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Criminal Appeals in Birmingham, Alabama

Helping You Appeal for Vindication

Not every case is handled correctly in court; the prosecution, judge or jury may make mistakes. This can result in you receiving a harsher sentence than directed by law, your rights being violated or you receiving inadequate representation. If you are convicted under any of these circumstances, you can file an appeal. The attorneys at Simms & Associates will assist you through the appeals process and give you the representation you need to successfully defend your rights. 

Is an Appeal Right for You?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, an appeal may or may not be in your best interest. We will thoroughly examine your case and the court proceedings from your trial to determine if there are grounds for your appeal. We will also help you evaluate the legal, financial and personal benefits and disadvantages of pursuing an appeal. If seeking an appeal is to your advantage, we will provide the zealous representation you need.

The Appeals Process

In Alabama and federal law, you must file an appeal relatively quickly after your initial conviction. The timeframe ranges from 10 days in federal cases to 42 days in state courts. At Simms & Associates, we will help you file a notice of appeal within the proper timeframe. 

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

With appeals cases, it is essential to secure representation from an attorney with specialized knowledge of appeals courts, legal theory and the appellate process. Our attorneys have extensive experience with both state and federal appeals courts, allowing us to give you the powerful defense you need. We will work diligently to help secure a favorable outcome for your appeal, whether that is reducing your sentence or overturning your conviction.

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