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DPS Administrative Hearing Lawyer

Suspended Driver’s License Attorney

Automatic Suspension of Your License

Under Alabama law, your right to operate a vehicle can be administratively suspended by the Department of Public Safety if you are arrested for DUI and produce a breath result of .08 or above, or if you refuse to submit to testing. While a DUI is a criminal matter, the license suspension is an administrative matter that will take effect unless you demand an administrative hearing within 10 days of your DUI arrest. At Simms & Associates, we assist our clients by preserving their ability to drive while the DUI is pending.

Your Rights to Drive under the Law

By requesting a DPS Administrative Hearing before the Department of Public Safety, we can prevent the suspension of your driving privileges. If you lose your license at that administrative hearing, you are entitled to judicial review of your suspension. We can stop your license from being suspended for DUI unless there is a conviction on that charge.

Benefits of Keeping Your License

You do have the right to drive following your DUI arrest. It requires a proactive approach from a knowledgeable DUI attorney to prevent an administrative driver's license suspension. Losing your license can cause you to lose your job, which can negatively affect plea negotiations with prosecutors. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.